Anemone tube - forget heaven

For a detailed description please click here: /release/7214993 anemone tube. golden temple. cd. raubbau raub-039 tracklist: golden temple 1. l`homme et les sirenes 2. apocalyptic fantasy 3. tower of evil (the ultimate truth) 4. negation of myth 5. sea of lights (golden temple) 6. anthropocene - the dark abyss of time arcadia - dreamland and myth 7. i, death, rule even in arcadia 8. tojinbo - tranquil sea of equanimity (at & dave phillips collaboration) the cd comes with a beautifully designed 6 panel digifile with golden print on black paper and a lavish 12-page booklet. upc: 821272216421. release date: february 11, 2016 discography (excerpt): golden temple. cd. album. raubbau. 2016 into the vortex of dionysian reality. tape. ep. the epicurean. 2015 the transfiguration of the image. tape. ep. danvers state recordings. 2013 this dismal world (w/ dissecting table). lp / tape. album. peripheral records / black horizons. 2013 dark waters (w/ shift). 7inch. ep. unrest productions. 2011 death over china. cd. album. silken tofu / topheth prophet. 2011 dream landscape. cd / cd+dvd. album. silken tofu. 2010 transference (w/ christian renou). cd. album. auf abwegen. 2003 :existence. cd. album. auf abwegen. 2001 forget heaven / angel falls. 2xcd-r. compilation. solipsism. 2000 allegories for the future. tape. album. loud!. 1999 flowers of reality. 10inch. ep. transfixional entertainment. 1998 wald (w/ yggdrasil). tape. ep. transfixional entertainment / darkness productions. 1998 forget heaven. tape. album. bawler productions. 1997 anemone tube official websites: , - & /anemonetube raubbau official websites: & / distribution: ant-zen. audio & visual arts. box 1257 · 93135 lappersdorf · germany [email protected] · - · - · /

“The Three Worlds” is a work about transience on many levels, perfectly elucidated in the Buddhist Sutra “Far Reaching Pleasures”, “The three worlds are transient like clouds in autumn / Birth and death of all beings unfold like a dance / Their lives rush away like a mountain stream / Vanish like lightning in the sky”, which serves as the contextual framework for the CD series and is translated in the most beautiful and poetic fashion with three painstakingly arranged photographic scenes based on vanitas symbolism of old masters’ paintings.

Anemone Tube - Forget HeavenAnemone Tube - Forget HeavenAnemone Tube - Forget HeavenAnemone Tube - Forget Heaven